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Donald Bradley - Stock Market Prediction Extra Quality

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Market-oriented individuals have long been fascinated by religious prophecies, and their belief in the ability of astrology and divination to forecast the future. The authors of this exhibit explore the origins of stock market foresight, and describe the methods by which certain market prognosticators use the study of the stars to predict future price movements. The book claims to be the first known work of stock market forecasting, and cites a number of Western astrologers as its inspiration.

First published in 1949, this book is not only a fascinating examination of the history of stock market forecasting, but also provides a list of market prognosticators who have appeared over the years. William J. O'Brien provides an overview of the history of the stock market, and traces its development from the time of the ancient Greeks to the present. Paperback edition.

In a book titled The Psychology of Trading, a number of market prognosticators present their views concerning the emotional forces at work on the stock market, and offer their observations on the prevailing market psychology. They claim to have established a pattern of human behavior that determines the pattern of the market, and that all price movements are the result of emotional reactions. Their opinions are based upon a wide variety of research, but the author claims his results are remarkable, and are widely applicable.

This book is a very readable description of technical analysis and includes classic market-forecasting features, such as a chapter on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a historical study of stock price changes, stock charts to illustrate the points, and a list of stock-brokerage firms that include the best in the business.

This is a remarkable book. It sees the stock market as a divine and magical place, and a century and a half later, that attitude persists in a diminished form in Wall Street culture. It is a classic of the genre.

This book covers a wide range of topics, from the history of the market to the basics of technical analysis, as well as the most popular stocks in the market today. First edition, hardbound, illustrated with charts. 827ec27edc


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