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The Home of  holistic facial, Skincare and Body Wraps 

Facials and Body Wraps

Quality, Ethics and Authenticity,  

earned us the Five Starts for over

13 years in Hollywood West and North, Los Angeles City and San Fernando Valley all the way

to Calabasas.


We aim to enrich and empower

the American beauty culture,

and for the first time, our Native

Moroccan SPA legacy is in the process

to be passed down to American Born,

Licensed  Estheticians.


Schedule for The Moroccan Body Wrap and Scrub

will open soon. 

  • The Moroccan beauty secrets.

  • The art of healing and Skin rejuvenation

  • The Cutting edge technology


It blends well at The Moroccan SPA.

Therapeutic Grade, Plant Based Skincare