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HowTo Remove Unwanted Whitespace With Vim

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HowTo Remove Unwanted Whitespace With Vim

My DeleteTrailingWhitespace plugin does this and, in contrast to the various simple :autocmds floating around, also handles special cases, can query the user, or abort writes with trailing whitespace.

Highlight and remove extraneous whitespace in emacsI recently got annoyed with all the trailing whitespace I saw in filesedited by Windows and Mac users, and in code snippets pasted fromsites like StackOverflow. I already had my emacs set upto indent with only spaces:(setq-default indent-tabs-mode nil)(setq tabify nil)and I knew about M-x delete-trailing-whitespace... but after seeing someone else who had an editor set up to showtrailing spaces, and tabs that ought to be spaces, I wanted that too.To show trailing spaces is easy, but it took me some digging tofind a way to control the color emacs used:;; Highlight trailing whitespace.(setq-default show-trailing-whitespace t)(set-face-background 'trailing-whitespace "yellow")I also wanted to show tabs, since code indented with a mixture of tabsand spaces, especially if it's Python, can cause problems.That was a little harder, but I eventually found it on theEmacsWiki:Show whitespace:;; Also show tabs.(defface extra-whitespace-face '((t (:background "pale green"))) "Color for tabs and such.")(defvar bad-whitespace '(("\t" . 'extra-whitespace-face)))While I was figuring this out, I got some useful advice related to emacsfaces on the #emacs IRC channel: if you want to know why something isdisplayed in a particular color, put the cursor on it and typeC-u C-x = (the command what-cursor-position witha prefix argument), which displays lots of information aboutwhatever's under the cursor, including its current face.Once I had my colors set up,I found that a surprising number of files I'd edited with vim hadtrailing whitespace. I would have expected vim to be better behavedthan that! But it turns out that to eliminate trailing whitespace,you have to program it yourself. For instance, here are some recipes toRemoveunwanted spaces automatically with vim.

It is easy to leave unnecessary spaces at the end of a line, orempty lines at the end of a buffer, without realizing it. In mostcases, this trailing whitespace has no effect, but sometimes itcan be a nuisance.

For any good programmer, consistent whitespace is a measure of code-quality.Vim has a lot of built-in settings and features for handling whitespace, andthis article will go over those with the examples the Vim help pages lack.

Many non-Vim text editors and IDEs support EditorConfig, too. This isespecially nice because you can keep the file along with your project and otherEditorConfig users will automatically be conforming to your whitespacestandards.

You can dig through my Vim configuration on GitHub. My whitespace settingsand the plugins I use are all in the main vimrc file, and their configurationsare interspersed into plugin/, ftplugin/, and after/*/ to cope with theorder in which Vim loads files.

The second method can be automatic or manual in which the editors (maybe with support from extensions) can remove the whitespaces during saving or via some editing commands. However, beware the issues with Markdown trailing whitespaces, we should use this option per language specific settings if possible.

Hi all; Im new into unix, lets say I have a file called test.txt with this:C, 123 456 4A, 2344 56 5Q , 12233 567WHAT I want is remove all the spaces between the numbers and letters. Please can you help.retagi

To remove leading and training white spaces with regular expressions we have two options.Remove only the horizontal whitespace characters: spaces and tabsAll whitespaces, including all vertical line breaking characters, in this case the empty lines are removed from the text as well.To remove only the horizontal spaces, we use the \h token that represents the space and tab characters. To remove all whitespaces we make use of the \s regex token which symbolizes all of the horizontal an


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