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 ''Inspired from the wide variety of  influences which have shaped the Moroccan Skin, Hair and Body Care cultures since the dawn of time.

 Successive civilizations prospered in Morocco in the times when grooming and skin care were  practiced for  spiritual growth, soul cleansing and self preservation, Rome could not ignore such a generous coast, soon temples and spas fashioned the appearance of towns.  

And until today, families in Morocco  pass down, from generation to generation, the legacy in making their daughters the most beautiful while keeping the skin of their mothers the youngest, to attract love, health and wealth.

In the Moroccan Culture, Men has never been excluded from the beauty care rituals, the beauty of the hair, the skin and the body is considered the vehicle to a higher  spiritual connection with the universe and to the creator, and  to attract  blessings, love, health and wealth, thus Men's and women's Moroccan spas, have always been and still are, shaping towns, door to door, and just steps away from religious temples and mosques.   

For the first time, the skill and the technique on how to combine the Moroccan oldest times beauty rituals to advanced esthetics has been successfully demonstrated at The MOROCCAN SPA, Los Angeles California, taking the precious, Skin and Body Care, culture of Morocco to North America. Read More

We believe in being connected and staying inspired.
We support nature and purity.
In our unique Moroccan therapeutic ambiance, you'll experience the powerful healing skillful hands.
You'll connect with your inner vibrancy and radiate with beauty, in sublime alignment with the source.