The Moroccan Spa is a women's and family oriented  day spa with a holistic approach designed to heal your skin and body, promote overall wellness and help you unveil your natural beauty. We combine vegan skincare with the most modern skin and body treatment technology in the industry all with your budget in mind. Our wide array of services include hydra facials, oxygen facials, RF facials, cavitation, micro dermabrasion, and acne facials to name a few. We also offer radio frequency cellulite reduction along with slimming massages to help encourage faster weight loss and sculpting. Not to worry ladies! As long as you're accompanying them, your brothers, friends and spouses are all welcome at The Moroccan Spa too. We are fully equipped to handle every skin's and body need!

Advanced Aesthetics Facials 


Advanced Aesthetics facial follows the same general steps as a classic spa facial, including cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. The primary difference between these two treatments is that it addresses skin conditions that can make your aesthetician recommend that you see a dermatologist.  

Para-medical facials are performed using medical-grade products and tools. The overall results are therefore more effective.

Advanced facials are highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific skin needs and concerns. Additional treatment add-ons may be incorporated to physically exfoliate the top layer of the skin and enhance the absorption of the chemical peel solution. Medical facials are also an effective complement to  treatments such as micro-needling, RF treatment,  laser skin resurfacing.


New Client

$95 Severe includes free (8oz) Pineapple Enzyme Scrub bottle (gift 22$ value) when you sign up for a package


Facial Duration : 1 hour

For some, acne can become aggressive as the body leaves the teen state and progresses into adulthood. The good news is, facials can reverse this inflammatory skin condition, and your youthful metabolism can help quickly repair any skin damage caused.

When acne heals on its own, it can leave you with deep scars that are difficult to remove even with the most expensive and invasive treatments. Acne facials help you rebuild collagen and assure healthy reconstruction of all five layers of your epidermis. 


*Combination Therapy of a healthy diet with follow-up facials will most likely be recommended.

Rosacea Facial $145

(Paramedical Facial) 

 includes free (8oz) Pineapple Enzyme Scrub bottle (gift 22$ value) when you sign up for a package


Rosacea is a very common skin condition that is often misunderstood and confused with acne. If you have rosacea you may have tried various treatments. New technology has brought breakthroughs in the past few years, some of which are truly powerful and giving great results. At The Moroccan Spa, we use a powerful blend of skin care products and cutting edge technology to successfully treat rosacea. Helping people achieve healthy complexions is our goal. If you would like a private consultation with our aestheticians, please contact us to schedule an appointment. If you have rosacea, we can help design a custom treatment regimen that works. You’re going to love feeling confident, knowing you look beautiful!


Advanced Extractions $150


includes free (8oz) Pineapple Enzyme Scrub bottle (gift 22$ value) when you sign up for a package


Facial duration : 1 Hour

This facial focuses on the advanced extraction of black and white heads - Purging solid material and fluid-like impurities out of all the affected pores in your T-ZONE ONLY. After extractions are complete, the skin is treated with antibacterial and calming therapies. 

This facial starts a new cycle of healing from the very base layers of the skin, as the body reorganizes and reconstructs at a cellular level. This process helps the body break down nutrients needed for healthy skin, build collagen, absorb nutrients, excrete toxins, balance moisture, even pigmentation, shrink pores, and more.

What to Expect: You will be given a steam wash, followed by the application of papaya enzymes. Based on your skin, you will either receive a salicylic acid based facial or a Willow Bark based facial, both focused on pore relaxation.  You will then receive a complete T-Zone Extraction. Finally, depending on your unique needs, you will either receive a Repair Mask or High frequency therapy. 

After The Facial:

1. There are no magic wands. Surface scabbing will develop in heavily extracted areas after the facial. This is completely normal and part of the process. Please allow the body time to realize your new canvas has been purified, and give your skin the time to repair itself. You will absolutely have a fresher, clearer, and healthier complexion in a matter of days.

2. Clean Eating - drinking lots of water, along with the incorporation of a plant based diet is highly recommended and works well in conjunction with the Advanced Extraction T-Zone Facial to help clear skin. 

3. Home Regimen and Follow-ups with your Aesthetician -  We may recommend combination therapies like medical spa and/or laser services in combination of our holistic extraction facials for best results.  

This is a focused black and white head extraction therapy. If you are experiencing bumps, pustules, or pimples, please book one of our Acne focused facials.

Mild Acne $145

include free (8oz) Pineapple Enzyme Scrub bottle (gift 22$ value) when you sign up for a package


Facial duration : 60 to 90 min.

This facial aims to control first-stage acne and reduce the risk of further acne inflammation, which can lead to adult acne and acne vulgaris.

What is Mild Acne: Small white bumps between your eye brows, oily or bumpy skin on the noise, flakiness and/or bumps on the nostrils, temples, chick bones, or chin. The feeling like you need to clean your skin a few times a day. 

What to expect: First stage acne conditions can be resolved in 3 to 6 weeks. We are proud to be one of the first aesthetic spas to incorporate fully integrated naturopathic services that include diet and life coaching to help you balance stress, gain energy, and of course, clearer skin.

After your facial: A holistic mild acne home skin care regimen will greatly improve your mild acne healing experience. Leave the pimples behind, and replace them with a new level of health and beautiful, flawless skin. 

More about acne: You can call you skin condition Mild Acne as soon as you start feeling bumps underneath or on the surface of the skin. The bumps can vary from reddish in color to white, and are most commonly found on the forehead, T-Zone area, around your mouth or chin, or on the shoulders, back or chest.

Acne affects an estimated 40 to 50 million Americans, and often causes anxiety and stress. Do not wait until Acne gets you. Book with us now and let's clear it up fast.

Severe Acne 

(Paramedical Facial) 230

New Client $155 includes free (8oz) Pineapple Enzyme Scrub bottle (gift 22$ value) when you sign up for a package



What is severe acne? 

People who have severe acne tend to have many breakouts, which can cover their face, chest, and back. Severe acne can also appear along the jawline and neck. Sometimes, it develops on the buttocks.

Severe acne causes breakouts that often extend deep into the skin. Called cysts and nodules, these breakouts tend to be painful. When severe acne clears, acne scars often appear.

You may also see many blackheads, whiteheads, or both when acne is severe.

Anyone who has severe acne knows how stubborn it can be. You cannot clear it with acne treatments that you buy at the store. To see clearing, you either have to wait it out or see a dermatologist. Waiting out severe acne can take years.

Benefits of treating severe acne

Living with severe acne can be tough on your psyche. Many studies have found that acne can lead to poor self-esteem, depression, or anxiety. People with acne may stop hanging out with friends and family. Going after a job promotion or trying out for a sport may no longer seem worthwhile.

Acne treatment can help. Many studies show that treatment for severe acne can:

Clear acne

Prevent new scars

Boost a person’s mood and self-esteem

Skin Tightening Facial with Radio frequency

Skin tightening facial treatments with Radio frequency is a combination of our best seller rejuvenation facial combined with radio Frequency session.

The skin professional, treats the entire face, with a focus on areas of your skin that have become loose and to stimulate collagen production underneath that skin, a 30 minutes session of Radio Frequency massage is applied infusing serums and suplements to reach the deepeset layer.

When you’re young, your structure is firm due to natural high surge of collagen in the skin tissue, rich with elastin protein, Hyaluronic acid,and other minerals, the skin is naturally plumped with  full structure and elasticity. 

Many intrinsic and extrinsic factors cause skin aging, adding to that the numbers of years you spend on this planet increases the gravity effect leading to the skin to become droopy and saggy on different areas of the body starting with the skin of the face, neck and chest.

Unless you do something to control this deprivation cycle, the natural production of these proteins continues to slow down,  and the body saves the use of these protein collagen, elastin,  to maintain internal organs, like the joints that are more vital to a heathy and functional body. 

This facial is a combination or the rejuvenation facial to which we add the most recent advanced  version of Radio frequency.

Radio frequency, is becoming more popular, because of the positive feedback that emerged from it in the last decade, it widely shows that it is an effective way to reduce facial wrinkles. Many studies demonstrated the results were promising.

Another 2011 studyTrusted Source concluded that a consumer device that used radiofrequency waves to tighten skin was safe and effective. 


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Service Policy


All appointments must be secured with a verifiable credit card to ensure your reservation time. The Moroccan Spa knows things can suddenly pop up. Please provide us with 24 hours notice to cancel/reschedule a spa treatment and 48 hours notice to cancel/reschedule a medical treatment. If appropriate notice is not given, you will be charged a flat fee of $25 for a spa treatment and $50 for a medical treatment. 



Consultation appointments are free!



The Moroccan Spa is always buzzing so appointments are highly recommended; but when time permits, walk-ins are welcome. Please call ahead and we will do our best to get you in with any of our premier services. Due to the medical nature of many of our treatments, appointments can sometimes exceed their scheduled time. Please be patient and know that you will also receive the same exceptional service and personal attention.


Payment Policy

The Moroccan Spa accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover as payment. All gratuities may be paid directly to the aesthetician/clinician in cash. We apologize for the inconvenience, but The Moroccan Spa cannot add a gratuity to your credit card. 


Client Satisfaction 

The Moroccan Spa cannot issue cash refunds. Please note, The Moroccan Spa Gift Cards, Series/Package purchases, and medical grade products are not refundable, so please choose wisely.


Thank you for choosing The Moroccan Spa, a top-tier spa dedicated to quality aesthetic services. 



Need additional information? Please call (818) 824-3144 or email support@themoroccanspa.com with any questions you may have about The Moroccan Spa's products or services.



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