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Get your antiaging fix, immediately at Noho MedSPA located inside The Moroccan SPA, managed and run by the Moroccan SPA With a focus on the holistic approach to medical esthetics. Innovation and tradition crossed to bring the quick result at affordable price. Remove wrinkle, smooth out the frown line between the eyes, plump the entire skin and the lips, no injection, no dpo threads no laser. Treat your face, neck, under chin, chest, arms and any areas to reduce sagging, reduce fine line and reduce stretch marks and tighten the skin. We have the immediate solution to repair sagging skin, loss of collagen, deep wrinkles. with no side effects of thread dpo or other procedures that can leave you with months of side effects and long terms underlying damages to your fibroblast. There are two biologically distinct aging processes affecting the skin. Intrinsic aging affects the skin by slow and irreversible tissue degeneration. The other is extrinsic aging, so called photoaging, from chronic ultra violet (UV) exposure. Although ablative lasers are effective traditional treatments for photodamaged skin rejuvenation, they have some side effects such as prolonged Erythema and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Non ablative laser treatments are associated with less downtime but the results seemed to be limited and inconsistent. Recently, microneedling fractional and Micro needling radio frequency (RF) revolutionized the field of skin rejuvenation introducing a minimally invasive device, microneedle fractional RF, which adopted microneedle therapy system (MTS) for delivering bipolar RF directly into the skin through microneedle. RF Thermal lesions are functionally generated within the reticular dermis. Fractional thermal injury to deep dermal collagen induces a vigorous wound healing process leading to dermal remodeling and the generation of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

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