Clear Acne in few sessions with quick recovery

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Starting at $175

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Popular and gained us most of our 5 stars on the web, the fast Acne purging with quick recovery. Advanced extraction treatment of black and white heads and acne Purging solid material and fluid-like impurities out of all the affected pores in your T-ZONE ONLY. After extractions are complete, the skin is treated with antibacterial and calming therapies. This facial starts a new cycle of healing from the very base layers of the skin, as the body reorganizes and reconstructs at a cellular level. This process helps the body break down nutrients needed for healthy skin, build collagen, absorb nutrients, excrete toxins, balance moisture, even pigmentation, shrink pores, and more. What to Expect: You will be given a steam wash, followed by the application of papaya enzymes or Pineapples Enzymes, ( medical facials with Registered nurse might be recommended at our medical Esthetics facility, is necessary) Based on your skin, you will either receive a salicylic acid based facial or a Willow Bark based facial, both focused on pore softening and pushing plant based reactant products inside the pustules and bring to purge. You will then receive a complete T-Zone Extraction. Finally, depending on your unique needs, you will either receive a Repair Mask or High frequency therapy. After The Facial: 1. There are no magic wands. Surface scabbing will develop in heavily extracted areas after the facial. This is completely normal and part of the process. Please allow the body time to realize your new canvas has been purified, and give your skin the time to repair itself. You will absolutely have a fresher, clearer, and healthier complexion in a matter of days. 2. Clean Eating - drinking lots of water, along with the incorporation of a plant based diet is highly recommended and works well in conjunction with the Advanced Extraction T-Zone Facial to help clear skin. 3. Home Regimen and Follow-ups with your Aesthetician - We may recommend combination therapies like medical spa and/or laser services in combination of our holistic extraction facials for best results. This is a focused black and white head extraction therapy. If you are experiencing bumps, pustules, or pimples, please book one of our Acne focused facials.

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