The Moroccan SPA Products are now available for purchase in store or

Professional grade products:

Our products formulations, has always focussed on being effective in detaching dirt and  free radicals from the surface of the epidermis, to keep the skin deeply cleansed and refreshed and at the same time, our products are made with the finest ingredient with the health of the skin, body and the Environement in mind. 

Note that our practice in the US only, dates back to dacades before Covid19.

Mouna de Laine products at The Morocan SPA has been always used at a professional level and more particularly since 2010 at The Morococan SPA by Mouna de Laine. 

No that we have officially launched our Mounadelaine website, we can share our Skin care, hair Care and Body care products with Angelenos who had not had a chance to visit our spa yet and  with the world. Our well kept Moroccan beauty secret, and in partership with cutting edge scientists,  Med Aesthtetic Doctors,  Nurses and Bio chemists,  is now available for purchase online. 

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