Sanitizing spray :


Limonene and Tea tree sanitizing spray, contain required amount of alcohol to meet the requirement to eliminate Covid19 and other viruses and germs from the skin, linen and temporarily disinfect the air and immediate environment.

You will adore the refreshing scent and skin invigorating effect of this spray, neutralizes germs and viruses from the surface of the skin, linen and clean the immediate environment you are in contact with.

Amazing for holistic estheticians to have their rooms and lobby sprayed without harmful chemicals.

Spray your car upon loading it with groceries, your car seats, spray your office within and after a meeting, this is your must have if you travel, travel size will be available soon.

Try it and you will adore how practice and effective it is. This is also, the perfect gift to your loved one and to your kids and teachers back to school. You can even spray your mask to give it a touch of cleanliness.

A mist of cleansings powers, with antibacterial and antiviral benefits, this spray sanitizes the skin, feels good, smells fresh and always good vibes.

About Our Bio chemistry : made by a pioneer in bio biochemistry, in our private label lab in Los Angeles. This spray is made with 100% raw ingredients produced in the USA, formulated and packaged in Los Angeles to provide Skincare sanitizing experience, that is beneficial and not harmful to the skin, air and the body.

We are providing our clients and the community of Aesthetics with a cutting age sanitizer spray to fight the pandemic outbreak and heal our mind and spirit with a natural sent of tea tree that furthermore enhances the antibacterial action of our sanitizing spray.

washing and sanitizing our hands is mandatory and required by public health, whenever we touch a surface that is out of our zone of control.

Now you all know, it is mandatory and very important to maintain clean non-viral environment on the surface of the hands, in the meantime, sanitizers can be very harsh on the skin, due to the ingredients that make a hand and spray sanitizers capable to perform the level of sanitation required and to keep dirt, viruses and bacteria away from our internal system that can lead to several kinds of  infectious diseases.

Tea Tree Spray and sanitizer - 6oz


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