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Wamp Server Download Zip Format


Wamp Server Download Zip Format

So I have been attempting to create and Download a .zip file from my WAMP server to be used on a private development server I am working on, and seem to have hit some major issues when trying to download the .zip file I have created.

When I run this code the .zip file is created on the server; I can see that it is there, open it, see that the files were added to the .zip. As well i can drag the zipped folder off of my local wamp server and extract it from my client machine fine. The problem is when I try and download the compressed file. It appears to download the file, but when I go to open it a Windows box appears saying "Windows cannot open the folder, The Compressed (zipped) folder /path&name/ is invalid", yet it works fine on the server end.

I have attempted using this scheme to download and view single files as well (Non zipped) and they always come out as random text, which leads me to believe that it has something to do with serving the download from the server to the client machine.

As well I have attempted to run this code on my live server. Same thing happens, when trying to view, except that (in chrome) a message saying "/filename/ is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous".

Wamp Server - When installing wampserver (or wampserver2) the error typically appears as wamp auto-launches after installation.The problem is that the compatible dll is not included in installation. Choose either version 11.0.51106.1 (32-bit) or 11.0.51106.1 (64-bit) depending on which system type your machine is running (32-bit/64-bit) and place in the wampserver install folder (same directory where the .exe is located).

Extract the contents of the file and copy or move the WordPress folder. In our case, our WAMP server file was installed in C:\wamp64, so we pasted our WordPress folder in C:\wamp64\www folder.

If you see the above website when visiting localhost you should be good to go on replacing this with WordPress, first download WordPress from and extract the files to your c:\wamp\www directory. The WordPress index.php will want to replace the demo site index.php so maybe rename this wamp-index.php or similar first. Your www dir should look like below once the wordpress files are copied into it.

Let me explain today how to use the wamp server to run PHP files. You can use this method to run PHP scripts you may have obtained from somewhere and need to run with little to no knowledge of PHP. You can execute your scripts through a web server where the output is a web browser. So let's get started

you should put your code into php file make helloworld.php file and put in wamp www folder and run with wamp server.for hello world program in php just follow this tutorialbut before that you should have wamp server or xamp server on your pc(wamp/xmap are open source software's and easily can found on google)your 1st php program code:-output:-hello worldHelping Step by Step Tutorial : =7qtqzhdEX-c after this tutorial you can able to move other intermediate level programs of php.

3. Extract the contents of the Mahara zip file in a temporary directory. Rename the htdocs subdirectory to 'mahara' (without the quotes) and then move that subdirectory inside the /www directory that Wampserver has created in your hard-drive (we'll assume it's C:\wamp\www). Also create the data directory for Mahara inside the Wampserver installation directory (we'll assume it's C:\wamp\data).

The cause of this bug, is that the standard C strftime library for Windows doesn't support some of the date formats used by Mahara. You can work around this by using a local language string file. Create a new file at C:\wamp\www\mahara\local\lang\en.utf8\langconfig.php with these contents:

No matter which source you choose to download the binaries from, download the zip package. Extract the contents of the zip file to C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.2.14 (change the path to reflect where you have WampServer installed and the version numb


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