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Welcome To Republic City

After Avatar Korra completes her firebending training, the Order of the White Lotus decides she is ready to start learning the last element, air, with Tenzin, Katara's son. However, when the airbender has to postpone training to his political duties in Republic City, Korra decides to run away there in order to find him and commence her training. Once there, the Avatar learns the reality of Republic City, and after defeating some gangsters who abused a man, she is detained for the destruction she had caused. Tenzin, after conversing with Lin Beifong, the Chief of Police, succeeds in freeing her and plans to send her back home. However, after Korra discusses her stay in the city, she convinces him to allow her to live on Air Temple Island and start the training.

Welcome to Republic City


After Aang and his friends brought the Hundred Year War to an end, the Avatar and Fire Lord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and nonbenders from all over the world would live together in peace and harmony, Republic City being its capital city. Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things in his life, but his time in this world came to an end, and thus the Avatar Cycle began anew.

In the Southern Water Tribe, the leader of the Order of the White Lotus and two other members walk in the snow toward a house. A man greets them at the entrance, saying that it is an honor they have come and thanks them. He opens the door, letting them inside to see his wife, who is sweeping the floor and welcomes them as well. The leader of the Order informs them about their failed searches in both the Northern and Southern Tribes, to which she answers that they should be happy to know their search has come to an end. The leader, incredulous, asks her what makes her so sure her daughter is the one. The woman calls Korra, who enters the room, earthbending a hole in the wall and demonstrating, to the surprise and amazement of the White Lotus, that she can control water, earth, and fire.

That night, Tenzin, Korra, and the White Lotus leader are having dinner. The Avatar repeatedly asks when her airbending training will commence, but the airbender states that he has responsibilities in Republic City as one of its leaders, where the situation is very unstable. Korra suggests returning to Republic City with him to learn the art there, though the White Lotus leader refuses, emphasizing that the city is too hazardous for her and they need to keep her safe while she completes her training as per Aang's instructions. Displeased, Korra subsequently leaves the room.

Korra wakes to the sounds of scraping metal and excitedly deduces that they have arrived at the city. Waking up Naga, they dash out of the ship once its door opens. Upon arriving in the open, they are amazed at the city's vastness. Korra looks up at Aang's statue across Yue Bay in astonishment and spots their destination: Air Temple Island. However, when Korra asks Naga if she is ready for a swim, her pet, hungry, starts looking for food instead. Bumping into some people along the way, Korra apologizes for any inconvenience her pet was causing until the former arrives at a food stand. After the Avatar realizes she does not have any yuans, and is therefore unable to purchase any food, she catches fish from the pond of a park and fries them with her firebending. A hobo promptly appears from a bush and asks her for one. The Avatar grants his request and, surprised at the man's lifestyle, comments how different she thought Republic City was, to which the vagabond says that she still has a lot to learn. A guard of the park yells at them for having caught fish, an action that was prohibited. Korra rides away on Naga and passes by a protester and a crowd of listeners. The advocate tells people about the Equalist revolt and tries to persuade people to join the movement. When Korra hears this and his remarks against benders, she disagrees, saying that bending is "the coolest thing ever". When she admits that she would like to knock him off the stage with her waterbending, the man wins the crowd's support and Korra leaves, vexed.

When asking for directions to Air Temple Island, the Avatar encounters the Triple Threat Triad as they abuse a phonograph vendor. She challenges them, to which the gangsters accept mockingly. To the surprise of the three men and the shop owners watching the fight, she defeats them with waterbending, earthbending, and firebending. After this, Metalbending Police Force officers arrive and arrest not only the gang, but a surprised Korra for destruction of private and city property, and after a brief chase, take her to the police headquarters, where she is interrogated by a displeased Chief Lin Beifong. Korra tries talking to Chief Beifong, telling her that her past life and Lin's mother were friends and saved the world together, but Beifong dismisses those comments as "ancient history". Tenzin enters the scene and, although he manages to persuade Lin to drop all charges against Korra, with him covering all the damages, she makes it very clear that she will keep an eye on the young Avatar.

At an animal pound, Korra tries to convince Tenzin to allow her to stay. She argues that Katara agreed that her destiny was in Republic City, much to the airbender's displeasure. She proceeds to say that being cooped up in the Southern Water Tribe was not helping her become a better Avatar and that she has now realized that the city needs not only him, but its Avatar as well. The airbender is at a loss for a counterargument. An officer, holding Naga on a leash, catches their attention, asking if this polar bear dog belongs to her.

While traveling on his boat to Air Temple Island, Tenzin looks solemnly toward the giant statue of his father, Avatar Aang. Upon docking with the island, where the White Lotus was already waiting for Korra to arrive, his kids enthusiastically greet Korra and ask if she is going to stay. Korra sadly admits that she has to leave and moves toward the ship, ready to go back to the Southern Water Tribe. Before she can board it, Tenzin stops her, admitting that she is right; since Aang's death, Republic City has fallen out of balance and Tenzin believed that by putting off her training he would be upholding his legacy. However, now he realizes that Korra is Aang's legacy and allows her stay in Republic City and commence her airbending training, much to the Avatar's excitement, who proceeds to lift her master and his children into a group hug. The Avatar's stay on the island is publicly announced in a press conference in front of Republic City's government hall, during which she states that "Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world," and that she would strive to obtain that goal.

The setting of the second series has changed dramatically from the first series. Most events take place in a city known as Republic City, which is a "steampunk" style city. Most notably, the access to electricity in the new series substantiates the passing of time between the two series.[1]

Disappointed, the next night she escapes to seek Tenzin out, with the blessing of an elderly Katara. She stows away on a ship and arrives in Republic City, where she soon finds she is a fish out of water, with no money or idea of how the city works. After beating up a few Triad members, she is arrested for causing more damage than they did.

In Republic City's power originates int he form of lightning produced by Firebenders. At Power Plants, electricity is transformed, stored, and distributed throughout the city. It is a hard, thankless job for a Firebender, and pays little.

That night, at dinner, Korra repeatedly asks when her airbending training will commence, but Tenzin states that he has responsibilities in Republic City as one of its leaders, where the situation is very unstable. Korra suggests returning to Republic City with him to learn the art there, though the White Lotus leader refuses, emphasizing that the city is too hazardous for her and they need to keep her safe while she completes her training as per Aang's instructions. Displeased, Korra subsequently leaves the room.

Korra is reading about pro-bending and desires to see it, but Tenzin refuses, calling the sport a mockery of the noble tradition of bending. He reiterates that Korra's only purpose in Republic City is to complete her airbending training and asks her to remain on the island. Multiple White Lotus sentries are present to ensure Korra learns in a calm environment, free from distractions. Although she begrudgingly agrees, she looks out onto the city, desiring to see more of it.

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