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Libraries often look for books that are in print, and many books are published as both print and electronic versions. The ability to search electronic editions and to download and read edited and modernized texts makes online technologies of great value to libraries. The Open Archive Library (OAL) is a library that provides free access to scanned items from public domain books, including the images, full text, notes, and "who, what, when, where, why and how" information for public domain material.

"There's a lot of talk about open source in the academic world," says Tom Buckley, associate professor of communication at the University of Cincinnati. "The value of open source isn't just about the lack of price or about sharing. It's about sharing a model and exposing yourself to communities that can provide valuable feedback that can be incorporated into your software. I'm not against open source, but I'm suspicious of it when it's about expecting people to pay for things that would be useful if they were available for free.

Xerox PARC is a research and development organization that was founded in 1971 as a spin off of the Xerox Corporation. For the first year of its existence, PARC was known as the PARC Research Center. The unit is currently managed by Xerox Research. Xerox PARC has almost always been the innovation leader in the research of the area of computer graphics, the more so with the introduction of its laser printers in the mid 1970s. Xerox PARC has therefore been renowned for more than 30 years for the development of more powerful graphic displays, particularly in the field of color. X Graphics: The history of Xerox PARC: a research history of Xerox Corporation from 1971 to today.

Publishers take their digital content in different formats, including HTML, Java Applets, Data Exchange Format (DDF), ePub, XML, PDF, and Rich Text Format (RTF). In addition, they might also take it in an intermediary format like Microsoft Office files. d2c66b5586


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