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Shaping Canada Mcgraw Hill Ryerson Pdf

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Shaping Canada Mcgraw Hill Ryerson Pdf

Shaping Canada: A Review of the New History Textbook by McGraw-Hill Ryerson

If you are looking for a comprehensive and engaging history textbook that covers Canada's past from its origins to the present day, you might want to check out Shaping Canada: Our History from the Beginning to the Present by McGraw-Hill Ryerson. This new textbook, published in 2022, is designed for grade 11 students and teachers who want to learn more about the diverse and dynamic stories of Canada and its people.

In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of Shaping Canada, as well as provide a link to download a free PDF sample of the book. We will also share some feedback from educators and students who have used the textbook in their classrooms.

What is Shaping Canada

Shaping Canada is a history textbook that aims to provide a balanced and inclusive perspective on Canada's history, culture, and identity. It covers topics such as Indigenous peoples, colonization, immigration, Confederation, wars, social movements, globalization, and more. It also highlights the contributions and challenges of various groups and individuals who have shaped Canada over time.

The textbook is divided into seven chapters, each focusing on a different period of Canadian history. Each chapter includes:

An overview of the main events and themes of the period

A timeline of key dates and facts

A variety of primary and secondary sources, such as maps, graphs, photos, documents, artworks, and videos

Critical thinking questions and activities that encourage students to analyze, compare, and evaluate sources and evidence

A summary and review section that helps students consolidate their learning

The textbook also features a number of special sections that enhance students' understanding and appreciation of Canada's history. These include:

Historical Thinking Concepts, which introduce students to six essential skills for studying history: historical significance, evidence, continuity and change, cause and consequence, historical perspective, and ethical dimension

Historical Inquiry Projects, which guide students through the process of conducting their own research on a historical topic of their choice

Indigenous Perspectives, which showcase the voices and experiences of Indigenous peoples throughout Canada's history

Diversity in Canada, which explore the diversity of Canada's population and culture across regions, languages, religions, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations

Canada in the World, which examine Canada's role and relationships in global affairs and issues

Careers in History, which introduce students to various career paths related to history, such as archaeology, journalism, law, education, and museum work

Why Choose Shaping Canada

Shaping Canada is not just another history textbook. It is a learning resource that offers several advantages for students and teachers who want to explore Canada's past in a meaningful and relevant way. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Shaping Canada for your history course:

It is up-to-date and accurate. Shaping Canada reflects the latest research and scholarship on Canadian history. It also incorporates feedback from educational advisors, Aboriginal historians, Elders, and consultants from various backgrounds and perspectives[^1^]. It corrects some of the errors and biases that were present in previous textbooks[^1^].

It is comprehensive and engaging. Shaping Canada covers a wide range of topics and themes that are relevant to Canada's history. It also uses a variety of sources and media that appeal to different learning styles and interests. It invites students to think critically about the past and connect it to their own lives.

It is flexible and adaptable. Shaping Canada can be used in different ways to suit different needs and preferences. It can be used as a standalone textbook or as a supplement to other resources. It can be acc


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