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80386 Microprocessor Datasheet.pdf [BEST]


80386 Microprocessor Datasheet.pdf [BEST]

the n10 is up to four times as fast as the 80386, the companys fastest microprocessor to date. the clock rate is up to 2.4 ghz, and together with 800 million transistors, the device is slightly larger than a postage stamp. the n10 runs at a 90 mhz slice rate, which is equivalent to the 40 mhz slice rate of the 80386.

fu and his team set out to optimize this 85,000 dhrystones performance in the n10 project. fu had two years of experience from three prior successful projects: the 880 and 880 advanced risc machines (arms) for personal computers, developed with his former company. he recognized that arms do not do well in memory-intensive applications, however. fu remembers from these projects that the 880 arm ``was almost always faster in a given application than the 8080 prospro.

fu then rewrote the n10 processors instruction set. the first of the n10 chips' eight blocks was risc core (arms ii), which had four integer instructions, two shifted, and two logical ones. data caching and paging were done by separate (previously unknown to fu) units. instead of a single data cache, the n10 had two instruction and data caches. floating-point operations were implemented as instructions.

the risc instructions were executed out of the cache and the microprocessor executed at about a third of normal speed. the risc instruction set consisted of a basic load and store instruction that directed the processor to fetch and write data to memory, respectively. for variable-length instruction execution the microprocessor would read up to 16 bytes of data into an instruction register, execute 16 bytes of instructions, and then write data back to memory. the risc core could be fed 16 bytes of memory fetched from main memory, or 32 bytes from a separate instruction cache. 3d9ccd7d82


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