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Where To Buy Party Tents [UPD]

I am very pleased with all the tents I have purchased. Tony and Ryan are very friendly and have a vast knowledge of the tent industry they are always willing to help and answer any questions you may have. I will be buying more tents from them to add to our rental fleet.

where to buy party tents

Great company that makes a very good product. Seen production in person and it's pretty amazing what can be done. Always willing to work with the end user. I have many tents from American Tent and will continue to add to our numbers. Keep up the good work guys.

I own Elite Tent Rentals and buy all my tents from American Tent and Sidewall. All tents I have bought came out perfectly and look great!!! Rush orders for me have always been on time and the quality is excellent. Highly recommended!!!!

I own Elite Tent Rentals and buy all my tents from American Tent and Sidewall. All the party tents I have bought came out perfectly and look great!!! Rush orders for me have always been on time and the quality is excellent. Highly recommended!!!!

Our Standard Pole Tents are often referred to as our Weekender line of party tents, or our "over the counter canopy tents." They're easy and affordable, and are great starter party tents for the rental company new to the business. Our lightweight canopy tents are a good option for the homeowner or organization looking to purchase a party tent, event tent or canopy tent for occasional use. Properly cared for, this heavy-duty commercial outdoor canopy tent for sale will last years.

Looking for outdoor party tents for sale? These lightweight, heavy duty canopy tents are perfect for summer parties, weddings, graduations, backyard events, rehearsals, banquets, catering and more. Check out our large selection of high quality, commercial party tents for sale. Our most common party & canopy tent sizes with our Weekender line are 20x20, 20x30 and 20x40 tents, and include options with or without tent or canopy sidewalls.

Our commercial grade canopy party tents are an excellent addition to any party tent rental or event business. Our Premium Pole Tents have features that ensure a longer tent lifespan. They're better suited for the end user that will be setting this high quality party tent up multiple times per year.

Our premium pole canopies for sale are the perfect commercial event and party tents. They're perfect for all sorts of outdoor events, such as weddings, graduations, sporting events, church functions, family reunions, concerts and more. Our large tents for sale can accomoodate your guests and parties of all sizes. Browse our selection of high quality commercial pole tents and canopy tents for sale. Buy canopy tents for sale at Tent and Table!

Need heavy-duty frame tents that can grow and expand with your rental business? Our West Coast Frame tents for sale utilize an expandable tent system. This means that the same components, such as the commercial tent pipes and fittings, can be used to build a variety of different party tent sizes. Our west coast-style frame party tents are designed for a quick and easy commercial tent setup.

We offer a large selection of commercial high peak frame tents for sale. Our heavy-duty high peak frame outdoor canopy tents have an elegant design that allows for easy transportation and storage. Setting up these commercial party tents for sale is easy! Most 20-foot wide high peak frame party tents require only two people and can be set up in half the time of other traditional frame tents! With 50% fewer parts than our west coast frame tents, our high peak frame party tents offer quicker installation and take down, as well as cheaper shipping and handling.

Speedy tents are our newest line of commercial pop up tents for sale. These heavy-duty, commercial party tents for sale are the ultimate in instant shelters. Whether you're an individual looking for a quick pop up tent, or a commercial customer looking for an affordable pop up canopy tent, these strong and durable tents will suit you well.

Our heavy-duty pop up tents are perfect for your next party or event. They've been tested to withstand wind speeds of 60mph and are the most professional and durable tents of their kind. They provide shelter for outdoor vendors at farmer's markets, flea markets, fairs, carnivals and festivals. While they're designed for commercial use, they also make the ultimate tailgating tents (football, auto racing, concerts, etc.) and parties, and will hold up to several seasons of use. They are ideal for the season ticket holder that will use their pop up tent several times during the season or the ultimate tailgater that must have the best equipment for his or her party. Browse our large selection of high quality commercial pop up tents for sale.

Tent and Table also offers a full line of Pop-up tent accessories, including party tent sidewalls, tent extensions, tent stakes, tent ratchet straps, sandbags and connector sets for multiple party tents. With three different tent sizes, you will be able to customize a pop up tent that works best for you. The superior quality and materials of our commercial canopy tents and party tents for sale will more than satisfy your expectations. Buy tents for sale at Tent and Table!

Tent and Table is your #1 source for party tents for sale. We offer high quality, commercial grade party tents for sale of all styles and sizes. Browse our commercial party tents for sale by size or style. Have questions about our party tents for sale? Get in touch with a commercial tent specialist today! Call us at 1-888-322-5606 or visit our Contact Us page for more options.

We offer the best party tents for sale. We also have high quality commercial tent parts and accessories. Seal in your tent with our commercial party tent sidewalls. Looking for tent stakes, tent ratchet straps, tent rope or water barrel covers? Our heavy duty party tent parts and accessories match perfect with our commercial party tents for sale.

Make setting up your indoor or outdoor party tent a breeze with our heavy duty tent setup and teardown equipment. Our party tents for sale can be paired with our commercial tent accessories, such as our asphalt plugs, setup equipment, sledgehammers, stake extractors and tent tarps, tent ground covers and party tent ground cloths. Need to repair your party tent? Check out all of our party tent repair products. We offer high quality, commercial grade tent repair kits and adhesive glues. Shop our wholesale party tents to buy, folding tables and chairs for sale, commercial inflatables, bounce houses for sale, inflatable water slides and more at Tent and Table!

While our party tents are built to be strong and durable for long life, what really sets Tent and Table apart is our customer service. We've been helping people like you for more than 35 years find the perfect tents for their needs. With us, you'll get a personal consultant who can walk you through the best options and answer all of your questions.

At Economy Tent International, we have a wide selection of commercial tents for sale to choose from. Whether you need a small tent for a backyard party or a large one for a corporate event, we have you covered.

ETI is one of the largest frame tent manufacturers in the United States, and we offer a wide variety of tents to choose from. Our tents are designed for durability and style, perfect for any occasion.

If you are buying a tent for rental purposes make sure that the purchase price is affordable and that you can get your return on investment from the rentals and leases of the tent. Our tents provide you with the best value for money.

If you are in the commercial tent rental business it is imperative that your staff are well-trained on how to set up the tent safely. It is also important to have clear terms and conditions on liability when renting out tents.

Another factor to consider with pole tents is that the poles have to be placed strategically to avoid obstructing the view of people in the tent. With the help of a good designer, the poles can be obscured by decorating them with flowers, cloth, etc.

30' Wide Pole tents are extremely portable, and provide more covered area for less money than any other type of party tent. Ohenry 30' wide pole tents are built tough, made in America for the abuse of the tent rental industry. These are popular party tents. Tent tops are made with first quality American Made 16 oz. vinyl.

Ohenry 30' Wide WIND VERSION Pole Tents have nearly twice the number of side poles and stakes as other manufacturers. This give our tents double wind resistance, and much better drainage. Please compare the count of this tent's poles and stakes compared to other manufacturers. The extra webbing and reinforcing necessary for these additional side poles and tent stakes also makes a much stronger tent top.

If you are throwing a party and need a simple and effective way to keep guests out of the elements, the party tents for sale at ShelterLogic are the perfect choice. These gorgeous outdoor party tents are durable and cost-effective. A canopy tent is ideal for any outdoor get together, from a spring festival to an outdoor wedding. Why rent a big tent for your event when you can own one for almost the same cost as a rental? Whether you plan to use one as a wedding tent, or even a charity event, this is a great investment that will pay off big.

If you are looking to keep guests protected from the elements, a party tent with an enclosure kit is your best bet. This is perfect for a wedding where you want the DJ to spin and people to dance no matter the weather! Choose from a 10 x 10 ft. model or a larger 20 x 20 ft. for maximum space. This option adds complete wall and door panels to keep everyone out of the sun and comfortable. It could even be a great option for an outdoor festival or pop-up farmers market. You can use one or all six clear PVC windows, along with two double zipper doors for easy entry. This big tent also has a fitted cover with closed end design and leg valances. Enjoy three color choices and beautiful decorative scalloped cover valances for an extra touch of class. Waterproof, UV treated, and fire-rated, this party tent is the perfect mix of style, function, and safety. Manufactured with galvanized steel for superior strength, you can rest assured these tents will be there for you for years to come. 041b061a72


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