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after the diver surfaced, the team returned to the wreck and reapproached the surface by the dfo (demos, flow, o), which is where the surviving partner and his helper rig were anchored. decompression was terminated at 45 m/144 ft. the team was told by the surface observer that the diver had either gone mad or was hallucinating. atropine was administered at this time and oxygen was administered by the dive team. under local anesthesia, the diver was cut free, and medical aid was promptly applied. his temperature was recorded as 38.5 c/100.4 f. when fully conscious, he was placed in a litter and taken to the medical tent. his blood pressure was recorded at 260/107, heart rate 84, and blood pressure was 110/50. pulse oximetry showed a saturation of 100%. at this time he was considered stable. prehospital enoxaparin sodium was administered immediately. he was then transported to the medical tent.

the team were aware that this wreck was reported to have been closed for about 6 years, but they had no information about the depth of the reported disturbance. with the shallow wreck as a beacon, a new search was made of the wreck, not expecting to find anything. on the ascent, the diver reported that he was feeling well. he showed little interest in the wreck or any other of the remaining divers and, after approximately 15 minutes of decompression, returned to the surface. 

upon departing the wreck, the diver complained of mild-to-moderate pain in the left knee and left arm. he also complained of mild numbness in his left hand. upon debriefing, the diver stated that he was experiencing no pain in his left knee and that he had only a mild pain in his left arm. he admitted the numbness in his left hand, but stated that he had the feeling in his hand before surfacing. he did not report any recollection of the incident. there was no evidence of any injury, except that of the left knee and left arm. 3d9ccd7d82


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