About Us

Founded by Mouna Laini, a licensed and certified holistic aesthetician from a long line of Moroccan skin professionals, The Moroccan SPA opened its doors in February of 2013. 


Summer 2017, The Moroccan SPA Health and Wellness sanctuary was featured with a half-page spread in Les Nouvelles Esthetics magazine's August 2017 issue on vegan skin care. Why? Because in addition to using only the highest quality, cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients and products, Mouna and her collegues are dedicated natural healers. Youthful, flawless skin needs just as much  care as any other organ in your body, and The Moroccan's SPA's unique combination of vegan products, holistic care, and expert aesthetic techniques will help you get the healthy skin you deserve.

In addition to a strict practice of plant-based skincare and maintaining a cruelly free product line, The Moroccan SPA specializes in achieving amazing results for Acne sufferers, as well as clearing up hyper pigmentation and various types of keratosis. We have also mastered the technique of Moroccan skin rejuvenation using deep pore cleansing methods and lymphatic drainage techniques that we combine with the latest science and skin technology. 

We offer a wide range of facials for every age and skin condition. Our holistic techniques promote youth and radiance, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Then products we use contain mineral sourced antioxidants to reduce inflammation and treat damage caused by both internal and external factors, such as premature aging, free radicals, sun exposure, and damage caused by smoking, medical treatments, and malnutrition.

It is this dedication to our clients' overall health, well-being and happiness that has earned The Moroccan SPA five-star ratings on Yelp, Facebook, and 4.6 stars on Google, and the respect of its clients and fellow industry professionals. We look forward to treating you, and adding your name to our list of fans!

Mouna Laini

Owner and Holistic Medical Aesthetician

Mouna's belief in the purity of the human life force and the power of the natural world has been a constant source of motivation toward authenticity and excellence in her holistic practice. 

Mouna holds a bachelors degree in business administration, earned her skincare license through the Holistic Skin and Body Care Institute of Morocco, and then became licensed in the U.S.A. through the LA Academy of Salon Professionals.

While practicing medical aesthetics in the high-pressure environments of both Dr. Laser Medical Aesthetics and Gmag medical known as Kalologie360, serving nearly 200 patients a month for five years, in 2017, Mouna decided to uniquely focus on natural facials own practice at The Moroccan Spa,  all along with David Scott Dr of Traditional Natropathy, and that was the best decision she's ever made.

Now, Mouna enjoys a closer, more fulfilling relationship with her clients in her very own, Moroccan vibes inspired, sanctuary, where she is free to further develop her holistic practice. Through her work, Mouna has discovered the joy of helping others achieve healthy, beautiful skin, while passing on her knowledge and healing gifts both to her clients, and other aestheticians who wish to practice holistic skincare.

Mouna released her very own 100% natural product line in 2010, These unique, highly effective products combine Mouna's twenty years of experience as a skincare professional, with the highest quality oils, herbs, and healing compounds, sourced from all over the world.

The Laini Story: In Morocco, behind the atlas Mountain, stands a village of only 1000 residents. Engraved in the entrance to the village, are the words "Skin Healer Here", to greet visitors seeking the renowned skincare treatment and pure Argan oil the village was known for. That skin healer was Mouna Laini's Great Aunt.

Each half century, a woman in the Laini family, (originally the Ayet Laine family) would carry this gift of healing. This time, the Laini woman with the skincare gift immigrated to the USA and decided to practice skincare in Los Angeles, California. Thousands of miles away, the residents of the village are excited for Mouna's skincare journey, sharing their proud Moroccan skincare and Argan oil legacy through her practice.

Dr. Daud Scott

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

Dr. Scott is an experienced, holistic healer with only one goal in mind: to help you achieve true wellness through healthy eating and full mind, body awareness. As a Naturopath, Daud has a successful history of helping people make the change from eating and living healthfully as a diet, to eating and living healthfully as a lifestyle. In this way, Daud has helped many patients with chronic illnesses live a life free of pain and disease.

Daud began his path to conscious healing and nutrition in his 3rd year of college at Hampton University. Daud completed his Doctorate of Traditional Naturopathy from New Eden School for Health and Herbal Studies, and earned his Certification as Holistic Nutrition Practitioner from the University of Natural Health-Natural Health College. 

Daud continues to work with everyday people who suffer from cancer, lupus, and high blood pressure, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, persistent weight gain, skin issues, and other afflictions and illnesses. Daud makes it a point to work with all types of patients, from Hollywood actors to practicing medical physicians with the hope of spreading the wisdom that good health is a personal responsibility and the key to living our best possible lives.

Features & Specials

Couples Full Body Intuitive - Lymphatic Massage Therapy + Back facial + Rejuvenation facial.

Couples Full Body Intuitive - Lymphatic Massage Therapy + Back facial + Rejuvenation facial.

PRE COVID : Facials and healing are necessary  to help us adapt to our new normal, Our Prana master Certified massage therapist and I brained stormed for weeks and succeeded to put together a combination of therapies in one single visit. We aim to reinstate your balance, health skin and energy wise, renew  your body and bring a healthy fresh glowing skin on your face.   Don't wait book your Moroccan rose lavender hydrating detox facials, or rejuvenation facial and body massage and prana therapy combo all at the same time by two masters licensed skin and body healing therapists. Our Moroccan SPA Line  100% genuine essential oils blended to our vegan enhanced line of healing  lotions that are  freshly formulated from scratch in our lab in Los Angeles California.